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AYT Review: The Collective Project

20 Dec

Culture by night

12 days, eight shows, one director – The Pensive Federation celebrates its fifth anniversary with a series of showcase pieces that are written, rehearsed and performed in such a short space of time. Two groups of actors are brought onside to perform four shows each, giving 12 days for 48 minutes of material. Of course, an appreciation for the short timeframe can be allowed for each show; nevertheless the material presents a wide range of capabilities from actors and writers alike.

Neil J. Byden’s direction overall is limited, only natural given the attention that must be paid to understanding the numerous characters’ each actor has to portray. A white set with a simple table and chairs presents itself as a blank canvas, with which the audience experiences locations ranging from a tube carriage, to a space capsule, to an abandoned train station at midnight. Each actor gives a credible performance…

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