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New play ‘Vesting Day’ on at the Southwark Playhouse, 7th September 2014

18 Aug

What’s the most commercial play you’ve ever written? Mine probably isn’t Vesting Day, my latest short play. It looks at the eventual crushing disappointment of the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947. After promising so much, nationalisation wasn’t common ownership, the government would run the pits until closing most down in the 1980s and 1990s. Only to start importing coal from overseas. And Britain remained class-ridden after the 1940s. Some would argue it still is.

The play will be part of the latest Little Pieces of Gold. This wonderful regular showcase holds a special place in my heart. I had a play on with them in late 2011 about the London riots, A Riot of my Own, just a few months after the disturbances occurred. Soon I had an agent and Vesting Day will be the eighth short I’ve had put on since. Not bad when I have also become a father twice over in that time.

So three cheers for Suzette Coon, artistic director of LPOG, who has produced the work of over a hundred playwrights. All the more incredible that it provides a forum for a play like Vesting Day, a serious political piece, hardly a laugh a minute…

So if you’re free, come along…